Hanns Loewenbach

Dana Cohen

Kitty Saks

David Katz


WHAT WE CARRY is a multi-media presentation designed for classrooms, museums and community outlets that lets Holocaust survivors’ stories live on after they are no longer able to present them in person.

Additionally, WHAT WE CARRY poses larger questions:

What can we learn from the Holocaust in relation to today’s world ?  Where do we see injustice, intolerance, religious, ethic and gender persecution in the world at large and in our local community ?  And what are the dangers of doing nothing or turning a blind eye ?  Where have other genocides been perpetrated ?

We are continuing to expand the project to other Holocaust survivors lives for other communities and eventually expand the project into a platform for survivors of other genocides, past and present.

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First person accounts are the heart and soul of the unimaginable tragedy that is the Holocaust. To look into somebody’s eyes as they are recounting inconceivable degradation and horror is unforgettable.  But what happens when survivors are no longer alive to share their stories?  Who will teach the lessons of the Holocaust to future generations so that truth can continue, questions can be asked, and history cannot be rewritten?