David Katz

David Katz was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1930, to parents who were both professional classical musicians. After Hitler assumed power in 1933, David and his parents fled first to Belgium, and then to France, where they were arrested and spent two years in a number of camps operated by the Vichy collaborationist government. In 1942, his parents were sent to Auschwitz, and David, at the age of 12, was on his own to survive.

Dana Cohen

Dana Cohen spent her early childhood in Lvov, Poland. The daughter of a businessman, she and her mother, Freda Sygal enjoyed the comforts of their society. On the morning of April 13, 1940, all of that changed when Russian soldiers stormed into their apartment, confiscated it with all of  their personal belongings, and sent Dana and her mother on a nightmarish journey through Russia, Siberia, and Kazakhstan.

Kitty Saks

Kitty was born in Vienna where she lived with her parents and grandparents. One day an officer in the Wehrmacht walked into their home, liked what he saw, ordered the family to leave and took their home from them.  So began her family’s plans to cross the border into Belgium, trying to stay ahead of the Nazis. When Kitty was 9 years old, her gym teacher convinced her parents that in order to survive she must be moved to a Catholic convent school and take on the appearance of being Catholic, becoming a “hidden child” of the Holocaust.

Hanns Loewenbach

In his own words, Hanns Loewenbach had “the bad luck of being born in Germany in 1915.” In 1934, his father was one of the first Jews to be taken forcibly from his home and transported to a concentration camp.  Hanns’ young life was filled with one frightening escape after another – swimming from Germany to Denmark and back to Germany to escape the Gestapo, witnessing Kristallnacht, and fleeing the country with a forged passport.